When you install Prince Of Persia you face some problems blowing your mind. The POP is one of the Top pc games. We will sure you also loved the POP PC Game. Here we find a solution for Prince Of Persia button error.

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Prince Of Persia Within Details

POP Warrior Within was created and distributed by Ubisoft, a notable game creating organization. The Persia Warrior Within is an activity experience Computer game. As the name depicts itself, the account of the Prince of Persia. This is the second piece of the Prince of Persia Games Series and a spin-off of Prince of Persia The Sands of Time (the first piece of the POP game establishment). 

The Prince Of Persia game started “The Sands of Time”. POP was ended with the new fight options to the game, it made the best game series. Of course, I am a big fan of this game and it can grab enemies' weapons as well. This game has some cool moves with different combos.

How to fix Prince Of Persia Warrior Launch Error(Non-Highlighted Button in the Windows, Disabled)

The Disabled game Error is nothing but it is a Windows file error. Your game installed properly but also it has configuration problems when you launch the game you just required a reg file. Or modify to the reg file, if the file has not been in your PC you can download that file again.

We Provide Step by Step Guideline To Solve Error

Step 1: you have to Extract download POP Zip file and open it with the POP reg file. You can modify it with the using notepad or another text editor. 

Step 2: You can find the reg value in the file and replace both the values like “Product_Path” and “Profiles_Path” with the installed game in your PC. the most important backslash during the editing.

Eg: You have installed the game in D: drive, so you have to require both the paths like D:\\Prince of Persia-2.   

Step 3: After editing paths in the reg file and running it.

Step 4: After it will show you one alert box, and you have clicked on the” YES” button. After it will show you the Dialog button clicked on the “OK” button. After running the game “PrinceOfPersia.exe” Enjoy this wonderful game without any issue.