When you are starting the game and it unexpectedly closes following symptoms are listed for Crashes.

  • The Game Unexpectedly Closes 
  • The Windows Of Game Minimized To The Taskbar And It Can’t Restored
  • Game Stops Responding And Crash
  • PC unexpectedly Restart

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Also, you can receive some error message and Gathering Exception Data dialog box:

<Game Name> problems and it needs to close.

The Error message sends an error report to Microsoft.

You have to use the following methods to resolve this issue.

Technique 1 : Check your game latest updates

 First you have to need check latest and updated game 

Technique 2: When you start using clean startup you should start the PC

When you start MS Windows, there are many different programs to start automatically in the background and it may interfere with the game. These all programs may include antivirus and utility programs, you should follow a number of articles to view MS Knowledge for more information and view steps. You have to Clean Startup and determine the background and programs.

Technique 3: Create a New User Account

First, you have to need a new user account lets we create it

  • First, click on the start button and type on search box Control nusrmgr.cpl and press the ENTER button.
  • After Click on User Accounts.
  • If you get promoted administration password or asking for confirmation type and password you need to add a new user first on the user's tab you need to click on Add and type the full name and then you should type description about your account.
  • If PC is set up a server/client parts type then type the domain name and click in Next. or if the PC is set up as an individual PC without any network you don't need to provide a domain name. Click on Next.
  • Type user password and again type for confirmation. Click on NEXT and FINISH.

Technique 4: Change the setting of compatibility

  • Right click on the game icon and click on Properties
  • After click on compatibility tab
  • Click on the select compatibility mode for checkbox, and select Windows and click on OK.