You are playing games on your PC. It is very funny to pass the time, it can be extremely annoying to be unable to run smoothly. But the biggest reason people upgrade their computers for working games properly but after that, it will not work. You should follow easy steps to solve the issue.

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Why Games Are Run Slow

Games Are Run Slow for different reasons, Your PC having not sufficient hardware and proper graphics driver. Fix your games and run quickly as soon as possible, You need to be able to fix the problems which run pc slower. Basically your PC can not process the files and your game.  

How To Run Games Smoothly

Use a VPN

The main reason for playing games is a slow internet connection. If ordinary sites relatively  quickly

Because it may take more time to load the game. And if you have a fast internet connection still it loads slowly? You need to use a VPN (a virtual private network). It will help you to run fast. Even an ISP server has difficulties and the VPN server will not have the same issues. A VPN will make sure your connection of the game is secure and your private data is also protected.

I will recommend to use IPVanish and feel free to try this.

Check Your Specifications of Hardware

The other reason why games run slowly is that your PC does not have enough hardware to play the game. The hardware support needed my pc to allow a minimal level of hardware to play games. Your computer needs 1000s of process calculations a second. To resolve the problem You have to Download Windows 10  Repair Tool.

Other Programs Close When you Playing Game

If your PC has good hardware then you should make sure, you don't have to open other programs if other programs open then first you need to close it. This will cut the effectiveness of the system and deal with the processes and needs to make the game run properly. You need to press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to close the task manager. Choose the “Processes” tab and click on any program to run and press “End Process”.