Mafia 2 is one of the best leading and most famous video games. Which are played in the whole world! It is mainly based on mafia operations and especially New York. This game was primarily developed as an adventure video game and it was released for PS 3. It is supported by different platforms like MS Windows, Xbox One. This game got very high and positive reviews from the critics and especially reviews for its graphic design. This game looks like a real story. It is a third-person navigated game and navigated vehicle. 

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Mafia 2 is the third most popular game in the world. And it has great features and functions as well as a better virtual vision. Sometimes players will face some problems during the playing game. And sometimes facing the black screen problem I'm giving them information about how to resolve this problem. You should follow all the steps.

Steps For Fix Mafia 2 Black Screen Issues

  • If you facing a black screen issue every time you can start the game in MS Windows.
  • And first of all, you need to change the Video Config file.
  • You have to navigate a source C:/users/You account username/AppData/Local/Mafia II.
  • Then you need to save the file and open it with the Notepad.
  • After changing the resolution of the video according to the desktop and save the changes and try to run the game.
  • In order to appear the display and support resolution of the set and user needs to connect with the different monitors.
  • Then after you have to change the resolution to 1024*768 or nearby.
  • You have to save changes and after turning off the PC.
  • Then you should connect the old monitor again and start the game.