Hello, Gamers! You all are facing some installation problems when you install the games, here we guide our gamers on how to solve problems with installation. Since we regard your time and effort in downloading data and we truly require you to appreciate the game for getting mistakes and we are describing you point to point in detail.

General Gaming Errors Are:

  • When you installing the game and try to run and System not responding
  • When you click at setup and nothing will happen
  • DII Error
  • Memory Error
  • Short Screen Error
  • Other errors

When you installing the game and try to run and System not responding!

When you run the game on desktop, that time error occurs. Your game is not responding or stopping working. This is the most difficult problem but in some cases, we have solved this issue as below.

  • The first solution is when your game does not have enough requirements. You have to upgrade your computer with a better processor and latest graphics card.
  • One of the possible solutions is you have not installed the game properly, try to reinstall the game and give access through the firewall.

When you click at setup and nothing will happen

  • For New Game: This game generally occurs in new games,  when the computer does not respond you need the latest version of the MS net framework. Or you can directly install from the Microsoft website. 
  • For Old Game: The old game could have generated this type of error so we recommended buying the original DVD of the game.

DII Error

  • When you run the program DII errors will occur. The file located in c drive the source is C:\Windows\System32, the games are basically stored in the program and installed into the system32 folder. Sometimes this type of error will occur if a particular DII file is missing from the PC; it could be the same for various games. If your file name starts D3dx you need to install the latest version of DirectX.

 Memory Error

  • This error occurs when you try to run a 64-bit program in 32-bit windows. You have to make sure 64-bit windows get the full memory required to run it and ram will not utilize 32 windows. 

Short Display Error

  • If you have all the things to run the game and your game is installed properly but some problems are running in the full screen. You have to install the latest drivers on your computer. 

Some Extra Common Gaming Problems With Solution