When you are playing Game and accidentally some Blue Windows will be Bling. No, NoYou Don't worry about your file. Your computer cannot restart and the blue screen shows a death error or some code. We solved it. All the code is listed here just check it one by one.

  • 0x000000FE, 0×000000124 memory and graphics card issue
  • 0x0000009F power setting issue
  • 0×0000000A, 0x0000001A, 0×000000EA, 0×000000BE, 0×000000D1,0×000000FC 
  • 0×0000007E, 0×0000008E, 0x00000073, 0×000000116 
  • 0×00000050, 0×40000080 

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As you can see in the upper various code errors will show for different issues, You have to not worry about it to fix that problem it will be easily removed.

Restart PC and Graphics Card or Replug Memory

When first time your computer shows a blue error with the error message you need to try these fixes:

  1. Restart Your PC
  2. Re-plug Graphics Card or Memory Card

After you reboot your PC and restart the game to see the problems. If you still have a problem you need to relax immediately.

Update Graphics Card and Important Drivers

When your Graphics card is not working properly in Windows 7,8,10 computers and you will get a blue screen error. You need to upgrade all the graphics, the firmware on your computer.

Step 1: First you Go to Control Panel and click on “System and Security”.

Step 2: Second you click “Device Manager”, and double-click on the device Hardware-Graphics Card.

Step 3: Go to “Driver” and click on ”Update Driver”.

Step 4:  You Need to Select “Search Automatically updated driver software” repeat all the process different times and all the devices are updated after that restart your PC your error has been removed.

Clean Boot and Run Windows

First, you need to clean the boot and it will be able to help your background program your performance for your PC.

Step 1: Click on Start and select “System Configuration”.

Step 2: Select “Hide All Microsoft Services” and click on “Disable all”.

Step 3: Click on the Startup tab, Open Task Manager.

Step 4: Select the items and click “Disable”.

Step 5: Click “OK” and Startup tab and restart the computer.

Step 6: Check if blue screen error will continue then you have to see the same error then you should run your game again.