Now you can play Dirt Rally 2.0 Tips freely with the help of this information. I will explain how to solve issues and errors while installation of DiRT Rally 2.0. If you finding how to install the game then you don’t worry. I will guide you without burning a CD or DVD. in this game burning not required. If you get some problem then you have to need insert disk.

Dirt Rally 2.0 Tips and General Control

As you are able to use the steering wheel to play DiRT Rally 2.0 and most of you will be playing PS 4 and Windows the controls are easy to get more handling itself you will have to learn the default control the game.

InputWhat is Does?
Square Gear shift down
R2 The faster you'll accelerate, The harder you hold it,
Triangle Check camera positions
Left stick Control Steering
R1 Turns your headlights on or off
L1 Activates windscreen wipers
L2 Footbrake holding it harder and stronger effect
D-Pad Up Use this to fix minor things like punctured tires
D-Pad Down Recover your vehicle if it veers off-course or turns over
Right stick Turns the camera left, right, up, or down. Click in R3 to look behind you

As you see all the control you can remap to your liking, so you play with a struggling look at the controls first you go to options > input after selecting your input device with X. there are many driving aids it will make handling little more approachable but your free use from here. You can see more Dirt Rally 2.0 controls.

The driver of the game will make a call to co-driver through the course. It might be a sense the calls are useful and detail coming up on the track. It is very important to listen co-driver least and pay attention to symbols you won’t be coming up and you will slow down more.