The Euro Truck Simulator 2 decided to “share wisdom” after playing 50 hours. I have to found out some experimentation with ETS2. and it was hard to find and guide google and also created forums also it was suggested that I had created a guide and focused new players even playing for while something out. Euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer game

Some Configuration and Control Of Euro Truck Simulator 2

Don’t know why the default setting and your stick to look. You have to increase your down and Up and also slap your look left and right to scan fast. Accidentally ending up the floor of your cab. It also increases the sensitivity and taste of steering in just too for speed. If you find braking catch up.


The Euro Truck Simulator 2 has cruise control. It will be played without guess in many speeding violations and got many times getting fear to travel with the speed limit costing on time. Many times of having constantly check the speed to over of the lines. You have created cruise tolerance and max efficiency without any risking.

There is nothing but partial rest and it going to be tired of place to park and you will be fine. You don’t know to sleep between selection you are early on. It will really long jobs and it time to sleep and want to spare checking new town routes, writing gets a bonus for cargo.

Some plazas don’t have to go green squares and stop 30 kph to watch for those will be blocking the close of pain plazas. The additional efficiency is you can probably edit your route. Which can be picked up for a job and your drop pins to the right to a limited country like Germany and it will choose to travel after to left saving for arriving early.

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 is cheapest and lacking to get one of the other trucks and it starts with a baseline. It totally worth of extra money and get the engine upgrades and struggling ups.