Hello, This Tekken 5 Game has various Cheats and codes and I m giving you all the information about the hints, codes and Tekken 5 tips for PC. Tekken 7 is the popular fighting game to franchise hosts and characters are fan-based. The game of the three largest games to the market. The major boost is slow motion and different guest characters it mechanics paired visual design 3D game of the genre.

Some Hints Of The Tekken 5 Game

The Yoshimitsu Deadly Sword Move

You have to do twice opponents to finished it and you can start the movie during the fight, just press the left square.

Defeat jinpachi with Yoshimitsu

The jinpachi fighting you must know to start the battle and you have to hit the triangle and square. It will the same time keep you towards him and also doing this until the player is dead.

Jinpachi Battle Hint

Are you tired attacking your fire attack? Escape just press down key and Up escape defeat easily. But to need to fill fire for attack first time so careful.

The Wall Tricks

You have to press back and if you do correctly with a run to the wall and damage.

 Hit Combo Ganryus 99

In Tekken 5 Cheat Ganryu has one move and it called by the Kabuki Palm and it will faster press triangle.  Many times you like repeatedly and it can 99 hit combo and it makes sure you are to close to the enemy, otherwise, you got the second hit and carried out.

Various Way To Unlock The Players

Once you can get player to about arcade continuously ranking, and lose purpose to press start and continue to select the screen while the player unlocked Anna.

More G

It is impossible for a beginner and fight with on encounter, the player can choose to fight ranked fighter and it will continue you get more G. after the all better you have to fight with the enemies.